Glycol Ether DPnP

Glycol Ether DPnP solvent is a colorless liquid with low toxicity and a low odor. Its low evaporation rate coupled with its hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature makes Glycol Ether DPnP a good coupling agent and solvent. It is moderately water soluble, yet an efficient surface tension reducer.

Chemical Name: Dipropylene Glycol Normal Propyl Ether
Chemical Family: Propylene Glycol Ether

Other Names:

• Arcosolv DPnP
• Dowanol DPnP
• Normal Propoxy Propoxy Propanol
• Solvenon DPnP

CAS No:  29911-27-1
Chemical Formula:  C9H20O3

Benefits and Applications

Glycol Ether DPnP performs well in coatings applications as a coalescent for waterborne coatings and a solvent for solvent-borne coatings. Glycol Ether DPnP blends well with other materials such as the more hydrophobic glycol ethers. Overall it makes an excellent choice as a coalescing agent and it makes a good viscosity control agent.

Cleaners: Low toxicity, surface tension reduction, and moderate evaporation are some of the benefits of using Glycol Ether DPnP in cleaning formulations. It also provides good solvency for polar and non- polar materials.

Other Applications:
• Adhesive & Sealants
• Agricultural
• Electronic
• Ink
• Textile

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