Whatever it takes!

For formulations to meet their full potential, it is important that they are not only effective; but also are made with safe & quality ingredients; and are updated with the latest developments, Chemistry has to offer.

Saiper has set up an application laboratory with an aim, to work with our customers, giving them a preview to formulations based on newer replacements of archaic technologies; and to help our suppliers showcase their brilliance in chemistry, to the customers, they work so hard for.


What we also do

At times, newer chemistries come with significant investment in formulation changes. At Saiper, we believe there is always a way to make ‘means justify the end’.

Doing so, at our application laboratory, we try to develop formulations based on formulation guides provided by our Principals. These are however, modified using some indigenous raw materials to make the formulation adaptable and commercially viable to Indian market. Thereby, helping the customer with access to the newer technologies and keeping costs under control.


How we do it

As the saying goes, “A restaurant is only as good, as the chef is”. Likely so, as an extended arm to our suppliers; we are as good, as the suppliers we work with.

Though we come with many capabilities, we always work on newer developments, with the purview of the suppliers, who’s science runs the product.




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