Why Saiper?

Allow Us to Be an Extension of Your Business

Saiper is a leading Indian Chemical Distributor and value-added service provider. We safely deliver chemistry (products, expertise and relationships) that helps our customers with ease of business.

At Saiper, we’re built to go beyond your loading dock. Once we deliver your raw materials, we can support you with formulation optimization, material selection and so much more. Take a look at the valuable services we offer beyond products and get ready to raise the bar on your competition.




Saiper is committed to providing our partners assurance in the quality and safety of the products we store and distribute.



Our goal is to be the safest chemical distributor in India. This commitment encompasses the health and safety of our employees as well as product safety and the protection of the environment. Safety is part of our corporate strategy.

Saiper operates in line with the “safety first” principle and has an implemented strategy in the areas of health and safety and protection of the environment (HSE strategy). This is realized in a variety of ways and is practiced by every one of our employees. Saiper is bound by the highest standards in the industry and adopts policies which exceed statutory requirements in the regions in which we operate. We are continuously working to further improve our company’s safety culture.

Our HSE Policy

What we do:

• Product stewardship and product safety
• Occupational health and safety, including transportation
• Comprehensive protection of the environment (air, water, soil, raw materials and waste)

How we do it:

• Safety and safety culture as central values
• HSE programmes and regular trainings
• Clear guidelines and procedures



When you’re ready to move forward with your order, so are we, from order placement through to delivery. We work directly with manufacturers, allowing you the ability to order the lowest minimum order quantities possible. Our warehouses, ensure that your product will be available when you need it, and with short lead times.

When fulfilling orders, Saiper provides complete transparency into our fulfillment process. From order and shipment confirmations, to detailed tracking information, real-time status updates, and more, you’ll always know the current status of your order from beginning to end. What’s more, our specialists will work with you to accommodate your special or customized packaging requirements.




Range of chemistries

At Saiper, our team is prepared to assist when comparing various chemistries or grades, and provide support throughout the developmental process. Our diverse portfolio of chemistries, representing a basket of product lines, are available to sample in quantities that meet your specific testing and qualification requirements.

We will work with you to develop formulations, compare products and ultimately find the best solution for you.




We understand the need for high levels of logistical capability in handling, storage and transportation of your cargo. Having been around long enough, we have been able to develop superior logistical handling capabilities with superior standards and processes to ensure compliance to our safety benchmarks.

Saiper offer end-to-end logistics including:
• Procuring, storage and distribution of hazardous, toxic liquid chemicals
• Handling facilities at key ports
• Warehousing with explosive and safety standards
• Drumming & Re-packing facilities
• Transportation facilities for Liquid & Dry Cargo

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