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Ethanolamines (3)

Ethanolamines are a multifunctional family of amino alcohols favored for a diverse range of applications. They are produced commercially by reacting ethylene oxide with ammonia. They are hygroscopic and miscible with water, most alcohols, and polyols. As alkalines, they react with acids to form esters or salts. Their versatile properties qualify them for industrial use as absorbents for gas treating; as emulsifiers in cleaning products; and as a corrosion inhibitor.
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Ethyleneamines (4)

Saiper offers a line of Ethyleneamines to facilitate infinite applications. Capable of a broad range of reactions, Ethyleneamines are primarily deployed as reactive intermediates to produce other useful chemicals.

Our Ethyleneamines are used in: asphalt additives; bleach activators; chelating agents; corrosion inhibitors; drainage aids; elastomeric fibres; epoxy curing agents; fabric softeners; fungicides; hydrocarbon purification; lube oil and fuel additives; mineral processing aids; pharmaceuticals; plastic lubricants; polyamide resins; rubber processing additives; surfactants; textile additives; urethane chemicals; wet strength resins; and wood preservatives.

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Isopropanolamines (3)

Isopropanolamines are basic chemicals that can be used in many applications to achieve basicity, buffering and alkalinity objectives. They are prepared by the addition of aqueous ammonia to propylene oxide. They are good solubilizers of oil and fat, so they are used to neutralize fatty acids and sulfonic acid-based surfactants.

Isopropanolamines are typically used in metal working fluid, waterborne coating, personal care products, and in the production of titanium dioxide and polyurethanes.

Isopropanolamines are an intermediate in the synthesis of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and is the very basic building block of the opioid methadone.

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