Caprylyl Glycol

ChemoxyCare® 8, is Ultrapure Caprylyl Glycol, with Min 99% purity. The key aspect of ChemoxyCare® 8, is its chemical purity, which stems from 2 facets of Chemoxy’s production: Controlled reaction chemistry is such that purity is higher and impurities are minimized through our sophisticated distillation capability.

ChemoxyCare® 8 has exemplary moisturizing abilities. Through its hydrophilic moieties, it helps retain water in the upper layers of the skin. Its anti-microbial activities will work synergistically with other preservatives in personal care formulations; and is often co-formulated with ChemoxyCare® 6 (1,2-Hexanediol) or Phenoxyethanol and is used to replace parabens; helping achieve “Completely Preservative-free” claims.

It is a multifunctional additive with viscosity regulating function, excellent wetting properties and a broad efficacy against germs. The use of this raw material and its efficacy underlies no pH restrictions. Due to it being an amphiphilic molecule, it may reduce the viscosity of emulsions when used at higher concentrations. In small quantities, it will reduce the droplet size in emulsions due to the reduction of the surface tension.

Thanks to its fatty alkyl chain, it contributes a smooth, dry sensory characteristic to topical skin care products. It is recommended that ChemoxyCare® 8 be used at concentrations of 0.3% - 1.5%. In emulsions it should be added at the post-emulsification stage, to enhance their availability at the water/oil interface.

Chemical Name: Caprylyl Glycol; 1,2-Octanediol
CAS No:  1117-86-8
Other Names:

• Dermosoft Octiol
• Enhansys CG-100
• Hydrolite CG
• Lexgard O
• Lincoserve CG
• MinaCare Octiol
• Optiphen OD
• Sensicare M 8000
Chemical Formula:  CH3(CH2)3CH(OH)CH2OH


• Most effective "Preservative-Free" preservation alternative: Alternative to parabens or other preservatives that may be undesirable
• Broad formulation compatibility:
   - Can be used in combination with 1-alkyl glycerin ethers
   - Can be used alone or in combination with certain ingredients to achieve completely "preservative-free" Claims
• High Wetting
• Humectant
• Preservative booster
• Solvent for active ingredients
• Viscosity regulation   

• Body Care
• Decorative cosmetics
• Deodorants
• Eye & Lip Care
• Face Care
• Hand & Foot Care
• Sun Care
• Wet Wipes

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