Tripropylene Glycol

Tripropylene Glycol Acrylate Grade (TPGA / TPG Ac) is a high-purity (greater than 96%) grade of tripropylene glycol, manufactured to contain only low levels of carbonyl and peroxide compounds, making it ideal for use as a reactive chemical intermediate in the radiation cure industry.TPGA / TPG Ac specifically designed for use as a raw material for radiation curable formulations. It is typically reacted with acrylic acid in an esterification reaction to form tripropylene glycol diacrylate, an important ingredient in the fast growing radiation cure industry.TPG diacrylate works as a reactive diluent to lower the viscosity of formulations prior to application. Radiation curing is used for printing inks, varnishes, paints and coating applications and offers several advantages, including:

  • no post curing
  • low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
  • energy efficiency
  • fast processing speeds
  • compact plant size
  • excellent finish quality

TPGA / TPG Ac is specifically monitored for acidity, aldehydes and peroxides that can cause color and operational problems in the synthesis of the diacrylates. Typical values for these impurities are in the low ppm range.

Benefits and Applications

Tripropylene Glycol is used for textile soaps, lubricants and cutting oils and as a chemical intermediate in urethanes, and as a solvent in coatings and inks. Tripropylene glycol Acrylate grade is found in UV-cured coatings.

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