Glycol Ether PnB

Glycol Ether PnB is a colorless combustible liquid with an ether-like odor. It has low water solubility and good coupling and demonstrates good solvency for coating resins. The properties of Glycol Ether PnB support its use in agricultural, coating, cleaning, ink, textile and adhesive products. It is a good substitute for Ethylene Glycol Ethers including Butyl Cellosolve. Glycol Ether PnB is extensively used in heavy-duty cleaning formulations. It does an excellent job of solvating and coupling hydrophobic greases and oils in household as well as industrial formulations. It is partly water soluble and miscible with most organic solvents. Glycol Ether PnB also provides excellent surface tension lowering ability. In coatings Glycol Ether PnB offers good coalescing ability in systems requiring fast evaporation.

Chemical Name:

Propylene Glycol Normal Butyl Ether

Chemical Family: Propylene Glycol Ether

Other Names:

• Arcosolv PnB
• Dowanol PnB
• Normal Butoxy Propanol
• Solvenon PnB

CAS No:  5131-66-8
Chemical Formula:  C7H16O2


Used in:
• Coupling agent and solvent in household and industrial cleaners, grease and paint removers, metal cleaners, and hard surface cleaners.
• Effective coupling agent and efficient solvent for water-reducible coatings.
• Effective coalescent for lowering minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) in water-borne latex coatings.
• Active solvent for solvent-based coatings.
• Chemical intermediate for the production of epoxides, acid ester derivatives, solvents, and plasticizers.
• Effective coupling agent in waterbased agricultural formulations.

• Excellent solvency
• Good oil solubility
• Effective surfactant properties
• Excellent coupling ability
• Good evaporation rate control
• Greater formulating flexibility
• Low viscosity
• Wide range of applications
• Low toxicity
• Practical alternative to Glycol Ether EB / Butyl Cellosolve / Butyl Glycol
• High dilution ratio
• Colorless

Benefits and Applications

Glycol Ether PnB can be used as a coalescent with various resins including acrylics, styrene-acrylics, and polyvinylacetates. It has superior film forming characteristics.

Cleaners: Glycol Ether PnB has a moderate odor, good coupling ability, and good surface tension lowering in water-based cleaners. It is compatible with a wide range of cleaning components. Glycol Ether PnB is also partially water soluble and the water solubility can be increased by adding low molecular weight alcohols or other Propylene Glycol Ethers.

Other Applications:
• Adhesive products
• Agricultural
• Cosmetics
• Electronic
• Ink
• Textile

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