Glycol Ether DPM Acetate

Glycol Ether DPM Acetate is a mid to slow evaporating solvent that is among the lowest viscosity embers of the p-series glycol ethers product line. The molecule is capped with an acetate group, which reduces its polarity and viscosity, as well as eliminates the presence of the reactive hydrogen found in other glycol ethers. These features make it an excellent solvent choice for urethanes and other proton-sensitive systems.

Chemical Name: Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate
Chemical Family: Propylene Glycol Ether Acetate
Other Names:

• 1-(2-methoxymethylethoxy)-propanol acetate
• Arcosolv DPMA
• Dowanol DPMA
• Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate

CAS No:  88917-22-0
Chemical Formula:  C9H18O4

Used in:

• Solvent-based coatings
• Solvent-based silk screen printing inks


• Excellent active solvency
• Rated as a Class III combustible, making it easier to handle, store and ship
• Good coalescing ability
• High dilution ratio
• Moderate evaporation rate

Benefits and Applications

Glycol Ether DPM Acetate is ideal for coatings applications requiring a slow evaporating non-hydroxylic solvent. It provides good solvency for a wide variety of resins including acrylic, epoxies, alkyds and polyesters. Glycol Ether DPM Acetate is an active solvent in solvent- based coatings and silk screen printing inks. It can also be used in solvent-based coating applications where a tailing solvent is desired. Its limited water solubility in combination with the slow evaporation rate allows Glycol Ether DPM Acetate to be used as a coalescent in waterborne emulsion systems.

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