Texanol (DN-12)

Texanol (DN-12) is the premier coalescent for latex paints. It performs well in all types of latex paints, in a variety of weather conditions, and over substrates with different levels of porosity. Texanol (DN-12) provides the highest level of film integrity at low levels of coalescent, enhancing the performance properties of the paint including low temperature coalescence, touch-up, scrub resistance, washability, color development, thermal flexibility, and resistance to mudcracking. Texanol (DN-12) also enhances thickening efficiency when used with associative thickeners.

Texanol (DN-12) also works well in a variety of other applications. It is an ideal choice as a retarder solvent for use in coil coatings and high-bake enamels. Its unique balance of properties also makes it useful for a variety of chemical specialty applications such as ore flotation / frothing, oil-drilling muds, wood preservative carriers, and floor polishes.

With a boiling point of 254°C, (vapor pressure 0.01 kPa @ 20°C), Texanol (DN-12) is not classified as a VOC according to European Union Decopaint Directive 2004/42/EC (commonly referred to as the Decopaint Directive); European Union Solvent Emissions Directive; and the China State Environmental Protection agency.

Chemical Name: 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-Pentanediol Monoisobutyrate

Other Names:

• CS-12
• Eastman Texanol Ester Alcohol
• Haltanol
• Isobutyric Acid, Ester with 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-Pentanediol
• Kyowanol M
• Nexcoat 795
• NX 795
• UCAR Filmer IBT

CAS No:  25265-77-4
Chemical Formula:  C12H24O3


• Ease of addition to latex paints
• Efficient coalescent
• Excellent hydrolytic stability
• Inert - Nonfood use
• Low flammability rating
• Low freezing point
• Low water solubility
• Non-HAP
• Non-SARA

• Adhesives/sealants
• Architectural coatings
• Auto refinish
• Automotive
• Commerical printing inks
• Exterior architectural coatings
• General industrial coatings
• Interior flat architectural coatings
• Interior non-flat architectural coatings
• Lithographic printing inks
• Nail Care
• Oil fields Chemical - Drilling Muds/Frothing; Agent/Ore Floatation
• Paints & coatings
• Polymer modification
• Process additives
• Protective coatings
• Road markings
• Solvent for Cosmetics & Personal Care
• Wood coatings.

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