ChemoxyCare® 2EHG, is Ultrapure and Odourless 2-Ethylhexylglycerin, with Min 99% purity.
The key aspect of ChemoxyCare® 2EHG, is its high chemical purity, which stems from 2 facets of Chemoxy’s production: Controlled reaction chemistry is such that purity is higher and impurities are minimized through our sophisticated distillation capability.

ChemoxyCare® 2EHG is a topical skincare ingredient and deodorizing agent, often indicated as a conditioning ointment in the treatment of eczema.

It is a colourless ingredient in skincare products and is slightly water soluble. When mixed with certain chemicals, e.g. ChemoxyCare® 8 (Caprylyl Glycol; 1-2 Octanediol) can be a used as a preservative. Having the ability to control microbial growth, it may be used as an alternative to parabens or other undesirable biocides.

It helps to reduce the surface tension between the various liquids and oils in skincare products.

Chemical Name:

CAS No: 70445-33-9

Other Names:


• Dermosoft EHG
• Kopcerin
• Lexgard E
• MinaCare Hexcine
• Saskine 50
• Sensiva SC 50

Chemical Formula:  C11H24O3


• Easy to formulate due to excellent water solubility
• High Wetting
• Humectant
• Moisturizing agent
• Preservative booster
• Solvent for active ingredients

• Body Care
• Decorative cosmetics
• Deodorants
• Eye & Lip Care
• Face Care
• Hair Care
• Hand & Foot Care
• Shower Products
• Sun Care
• Wet Wipes

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