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Polymers for Floor Care

In today’s industrial and domestic floor finish market, one trend is very clear. “Lower the total cost of my floor management program without sacrificing the quality or appearance of the floor”. A difficult challenge and one made more difficult through the increasing trend of polymer suppliers to limit their customers’ choices for designed performance.

Floor management is a sophisticated business. There is a diverse and growing set of floor maintenance programs used by building contractors to meet the requirements of their customers.

Looking at solving the above predicament, Saiper offers the SYNTRAN® and MEGATRAN® Brand Polymers for domestic floor maintainance and industrial floor maintenance. SYNTRAN® and MEGATRAN® brands are recognized for their superior performance, flexibility and appearance. Originally developed almost 40 years ago, they now enjoy worldwide industry acceptance and is trusted by formulators to provide the means to "tailor" their products with specific performance attributes that meet the various needs of their applications.