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Propionic Acid

SeperatorPropionic acid is a colorless pungent smelling liquid, miscible with water and almost all normal organic solvents. It is used to produce numerous esters, salts, and other derivatives for use in the plastics, coatings, agricultural chemicals, food, flavor, and perfume industries.

Chemical Name: Propionic Acid
Chemical Family: --
Other Names:
  • High Purity Isobutylene
  • Methyl acetic acid
  • Ethyl formic acid
  • Propanoic acid
Chemical Formula:  CH3CH2COOH


Benefits and Applications

Preservative (in calcium and sodium propionate) – EPA FIFRA registered grades.Anti-mold agent (ammonium propionate)Food preservative (calcium and sodium propionate)Flavoring agentHerbicide intermediatePharmaceutical intermediateDye intermediatesTextile and rubber auxiliariesPlasticsPlasticizers