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eSYNTRAN® 6301 is a water-based, cationic acrylic copolymer dispersion.

SYNTRAN® 6301 is recommended for low-VOC stain blocking paints and primers. It has excellent performance in blocking wood and cork extractives, nicotine, graffiti, soot and water stains.

SYNTRAN® 6301 is also recommended for the formulation of coatings with excellent adhesion properties on critical substrates, such as glass, ceramic tiles, zinc, aged alkyd paints, etc.

SYNTRAN® 6301 is recommended for interior use.

Various starting point formulations (pigmented and clear) based on SYNTRAN® 6301 are available upon request.


  • Stain blocking coating systems (primer, 2in1 primer/topcoat, etc.)
  • Universal primers


  • Excellent, universal stain blocking properties
  • Very good blocking of wood extractives
  • Very good nicotine barrier properties
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Reactive pigments are not required
  • APEO and co-solvent free


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