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Propylene Glycol USP/EP (PG USP/EP)

Propylene Glycol (PG) USP/EP is a pharmaceutical grade of Monopropylene Glycols (PG or MPG) with a specified purity greater than 99.8%.PG USP/EP is tested for compliance with specifications of:
  • United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • European Pharmacopoeia (EP)
  • Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)
  • Food Chemical Codex (FCC)
It also complies with:
  • Brazilian Pharmacopoeia (FB)

Benefits and Applications

  • PG USP/EP is an important ingredient for a multitude of uses, including:
  • Solvent for aromatics in the flavor-concentrate industry
  • Wetting agent for natural gums
  • Ingredient in the compounding of citrus and other emulsified flavors
  • Solvent in elixirs and pharmaceutical preparations
  • Solvent and coupling agent in the formulation of sun screen, lotion, shampoos, shaving creams and other similar products
  • Emulsifier in cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams
  • Ingredient for low-temperature heat-transfer fluids involving indirect food contact, such as brewing and dairy uses, as well as refrigerated grocery display cases
  • Very effective humectant, preservative and stabilizer in semi-moist pet food (with the exception of cat food), bakery goods, food flavorings and salad dressings. Propylene glycol is listed as a feed additive (70/524/EEC)