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Beliefs & Culture

Saiper's policy is to be lawful, highly-principled and socially responsible in all of its business practices. Saiper pillars itself on its mission, values and strategy. They describe why we exist, who we are and how we intend to do it. These essential elements are the foundation and driving force in helping us grow and achieve our goals.


To be the most preferred partner to our customers and suppliers.

Corporate Strategy

To preferentially work with a portfolio of specialty, market-driven performance businesses, creating growth for our customers and value for Saiper.


Saiper’s values are determined by our relationships with our customers, our suppliers and our employees. We take pride in our values, which govern the way in which we conduct business. They sit at the heart of everything we do.

  • To our Customers - We will always guarantee the reliability of our products and services.
  • To our Suppliers - We will help suppliers target the respective markets for their products, also keeping in mind the business policies of the supplier and taking a responsible approach to our purchasing policies.
  • To our Employees - Our employees are the key to our success. We will recruit, support and retain the best employees. We will ensure our employees improve their skills and employability whilst at Saiper.

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