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eCarpet Shampoo Concentrate

SYNTRAN® 4002 C is a special, water-based blend of polymers and surfactants for products for spray extraction cleaning on carpets that forms a very hard and brittle residue after drying.

SYNTRAN® 4002 C is a low foaming product, but if high foaming products have been used on the carpet before, the addition of a defoamer to the waste water disposal tank may be necessary. Cleaning efficiency of SYNTRAN® 4002 C is excellent and any residue remaining on the fibers is not tacky.

After cleaning a carpet with SYNTRAN® 4002 C resoiling of the carpet fibers is reduced and stains can be very easily removed.

Production of spray extraction formulations with SYNTRAN® 4002 C can be quickly accomplished. No labeling of the product is required.

Proposed dilution (around 7%):

  • 31.8 g SYNTRAN® 4002 C
  • 68.2 g water
  • bactericide and perfume

The recommended concentration for the end-user should be around 0.5%.

ApplicationCarpet spray extraction products


  • Excellent cleaning efficiency
  • Very good dirt resistance
  • Low foam
  • Phosphate and APEO-free
  • Easy to use


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