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eSYNTRAN® 1930 is a water-based, non metal-bound, grafted olefin styrene acrylate copolymer without added zinc.

SYNTRAN® 1930 is based on proprietary grafting technology that combines the durability of an acrylic copolymer with the lubricity of a polyethylene. This technology chemically bonds the amorphous acrylic copolymer and the crystalline polyethylene molecules, eliminating discontinuity in the dry film.

Formulations based on SYNTRAN® 1930 exhibit a gloss and film clarity not possible from the physical blends of these very different materials.

Formulations based on SYNTRAN® 1930 for various applications are available upon request.


All flexible and hard floor surfaces, such as:

  • Vinyl (PVC)
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber
  • Parquet
  • Laminate


All types of floor polish, such as:

  • Dry bright floor polishes
  • Spray buffing
  • Wash and wax applications


Key benefits are as follows:

  • High gloss
  • Good wear properties
  • Very good response to spray buffing applications
  • Good leveling without fluorocarbon leveling agents
  • Good balance between detergent resistance and removability


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